So, this here’s a little space for two sisters who love baking and eating.  We’re both living in big cities (Sapporo, Japan and Brooklyn, NY) and baking in cramped quarters (two tiny kitchens).  We’re 10 years and half a world apart, so this is our chance to record and share our recipes and food adventures.  Oh also, we like to score our food and count the calories.  Yeah, it’s a little obsessive/compulsive, but every bite should be worth it, don’t you think?

That’s me, Anna.  (Yes, I’m capable of being quite cheesy, and oh yes, I made room for that big, beautiful kitchen aid.)  When we moved to  Japan five years ago I was shocked to find that my tiny kitchen had no oven, that’s right, NO OVEN!  Not only that, there were no baking mixes on the supermarket shelves!  What?  No mixes, no chocolate chips, no powdered sugar…nothing.  I was extremely concerned, how could I raise proper children without some help from Betty Crocker?  Well I got me a tiny counter top convection oven, found a few baking specialty shops, and tried about a million, quadrillion food blog recipes.  I think I’ve come a long way in a land where baking supplies are scarce.

And that’s me, Ashley, the more negligent but no less enthusiastic contributer to Two Tiny Kitchens. I have my own set of challenges: while I’m lucky enough to have an oven and plenty of grocery stores for baking needs, I’m also surrounded by the world’s best restaurants and bakeries, and sometimes there are just too many treats to choose from.  As you can tell, I have a hard life! Really though, being separated by over 10,000 miles is tough on us sisters, and sharing this blog of baking adventures makes me feel like we’re not so far apart.